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What is CYDIR ?

CYDIR is an acronym for Convert Your Dreams Into Reality.

CYDIR is a belief that everything has potential for growth.

CYDIR is a means for businesses to discover their potential.

CYDIR is a possibility enabling businesses to spread their wings.

CYDIR is a passion to take businesses to a whole new level of success

CYDIR is a problem-solving unit.

CYDIR is a motivation that drives a mighty team of skilled over-achievers.

CYDIR is the battlefield of these over-achievers.

CYDIR is a business growth solutions firm.

CYDIR is all this and more.

CYDIR… where your business dreams can become a reality!

CYDIR… where your business dreams can become a reality!

The CYDIR Mission

A world of possibilities as it is, CYDIR is on a mission to live up to its name of converting the dreams of business owners into reality by equipping them with the knowledge, tools and tactics to achieve the success they deserve.

The CYDIR Vision

A world where disappointment rooted in failing business efforts is out the window, a world where your work life does not have a negative impact on your personal life, a world where growing your business is a satisfying task and not a challenging chore, a world that is simple and happy! That is the CYDIR vision. It’s what we stand for.

The CYDIR Work Ethic

At the core of every effort we make, workwise or otherwise, are our high-held values of passion, compassion, constant improvement and innovation.

Our passion for what we do drives us to strive harder and achieve our goals.

Our compassion makes it possible for us to make efforts in bringing our vision of a happier world to life. And we see every member of the CYDIR family as a part of this world; be it our clients, vendors, team or anyone else we associate with. Mutual growth is what we aim for, and it is what we achieve. From going the extra mile for our clients to ensuring a comfortable, no-scream-no-drama work environment for our team to that of being accommodating for our vendors, CYDIR has been making every attempt to live its vision.

Our belief that we are never too smart to learn more has put us on a path of constant improvement, one that we never deviate from. And our nature to constantly improve has not just enabled but also fueled our innovation.

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Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a man named Alex. He was so cautious of his business that he over-thought everything. He procrastinated decision-making to a point that his business went under. He and his business could never have their ‘happily ever after.’ Alex realized a little too late how heavily his procrastination had hurt him.

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