WHO founded CYDIR ?

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WHO... founded CYDIR?

Abhinav Jindal!!

Abhinav is a laptop carrying, broadly-smiling marketing and sales strategist who finds joy in seeing businesses grow and contentment in knowing that he had a hand in that. “People pour their heart and soul into their business and it hurts me to think that despite working tirelessly they can’t reach their full potential due to technical difficulties. It’s a heart-crushing feeling… I know because I’ve been there,” says the man. Rooting from this empathy is his passion to help good businesses become great. His team, however, suggests that his real passion lies in making everyone around him love sales as much as he does.

His ridiculously positive aura (which mind you, is highly contagious) has settled in him the belief that everything has potential for growth and he claims that his superpower is to sniff that potential and then find a way to scale it. In his own words, “I can smell the potential for growth and then convert it into a tangible asset with the help of the combined innovation and expertise of my team and me.” His childlike excitement when facing new challenges is what drives him forward. He’s not the kind of person who would make lemonade because life handed him lemons, he’s the kind of person who’d jump up and down with joy when life gives him lemons because now he has a chance to demonstrate 101 brilliant ways of using lemons.

While his young age keeps him upbeat (sometimes, annoyingly so), his old soul makes him enjoy simple pleasures of life including spending time with family and friends, watching movies, listening to some seriously out-of-this-world music, driving aimlessly, meditating and listening to spiritual and motivational coaches, Tony Robbins being his idol. His vision of a simpler world makes him follow a disciplined and well-balanced life and he urges his team (he practically kicks them out post work hours) and others around him to do the same. 

“Growing your business should be an exciting challenge, not an overwhelming chore!” – Abhinav Jindal

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