Restaurant Revenue Rise Package

CYDIR’s marketing strategy is not an expense; it’s an investment with a multifold return!

Restaurant Revenue Rise

You have mastered the skill. You have crafted a great product. So, you should have a flourishing restaurant business, right? Sadly, no! With the kind of intense competition the current market is witnessing, your consumer has a million options to choose from. The only way to cut through the noise is by positioning yourself perfectly in front of your customers and communicating with them in a manner that best resonates with them, at a place they hang out. That’s exactly what CYDIR does with its R3 program that’s designed specifically to give restaurants the extra support they need, no matter what stage of growth they are in.
If you think this holiday season will be different with the pandemic outbreak, the lockdown forcing people to stay in and all the other restrictions and impositions… well, you are right! But why should the holiday season being different affect your turnover? Changed circumstances demand changed strategy. And to ensure restaurants can overcome the pandemic crunch, CYDIR has designed the Restaurant Revenue Redouble Package (R3 Package). Our CEO, Abhinav Jindal, being a resort owner himself has a soft spot for restauranteurs and is passionate about helping restaurant businesses continue to grow despite the current circumstances.

With CYDIR's R3 Plan you can...

Reach out to a wider audience

The very first step to scaling your business is by letting your target audience know you exist. CYDIR’s multi-faceted online brand awareness approach puts the spotlight on you in a way that your audience doesn’t just know you exist but desires you.

Perfectly present your product and offer

It’s a common belief that you need the perfect offer to attract customers. The fact is there’s no such thing as a perfect offer; there is, however, the perfect presentation of the offer which draws in customers. CYDIR presents your offer to the right audience, at the right time and through the right medium.

Increase orders per day

A significant increase in the number of orders you receive daily follows when we successfully complete step 1 and step 2- reach out to a wider audience and present your product with an irresistible offer that gets maximum traction.

Up your Return on Investment

Whatever your ad spend might be, big, medium or small, if it doesn’t positively impact your bottom line, it is a dead investment. CYDIR eliminates the dead weight problem by bringing in more customers and thereby, increasing your revenue and ROI.


Skilled & Experienced Team
Restaurant-Centric Strategy
Innovative Conceptualization
Expert Content
Engaging Creatives
Advanced Tools & Tactics
Periodic Performance Analysis
Timely Optimization


Given that we work to Convert Your Dreams Into Reality, we collaborate with you to establish the best strategy for your restaurant and then work to get results. For this, we strictly follow our 6I approach for every project at hand, big or small. It’s a pretty cool approach that we insist you read if you haven’t already. With the 6I approach as our foundation, here is what we do to ensure your business is on a long-term, upward trajectory…

1. Research

2. Strategy

3. Design & Development

4. Setup

5. Deploy

6. Manage and Optimize


The Wide-Lense Approach

Whether you want us to help you generate awareness and build credibility or you want us to help you get more customers, we understand that the ultimate goal for any restaurateur is to maximize sales (and of course, have happy customers). It is for this reason that we follow the Wide-Lens Approach and design every promotional strategy keeping the bigger picture in mind… your bottom line. The R3 Package has been strategically planned so that you continue to get repeat orders.

Equality Edict

Whether you own a tiny food joint, a franchise or a chain of restaurants, your project will be treated with utmost importance and due diligence. CYDIR takes its moral mandate of equality very seriously.

Absolute Transparency

You gave your all to build a set-up. You gave even more to make it grow. So you have earned the right to know exactly how your investment is being used and what your ROI is. And we respect that right which is why we go against the general market practice of keeping analytics (in part or whole) under wraps. Instead, we not only provide you with all the information but also train you to track your own performance so you know exactly where you stand.

The Extra Mile

Under-promising and over-delivering is not just a habit but a work ethic for us, one that we hold very high. Blame it on our OCD issues but we don’t stop until we’ve delivered more than we promised and we don’t shy away from going the extra mile to make it happen.

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