Lead Generation Package

Put your business on a fast track to profitability with CYDIR’s custom-built lead generation mechanisms

Lead Generation Package

Picture this… You have a pipeline full of leads (we say “leads” not “traffic”) and a steady flow bringing more in, leads that organically flow through a strategic funnel before becoming a part of your database, leads that are actually qualified and conversion-ready, leads that eventually take your business to where you want it to be. This can become a reality with CYDIR’s Lead Gen package. No more worrying about generating leads, no more worrying about qualifying them and no more being part of the 61% Club (yes, 61% of business owners have labelled lead generation as their biggest challenge).

With CYDIR’s Lead Gen package you can…

Generate more leads…

Generating leads is all about the offer and CYDIR can not just develop the right offer for your product/service but can also present it to the right audience in the most impactful way possible. The result: You’re established as a competitive brand in the market and you get large numbers of leads.

Get high-converting leads...

We custom-design the bait for a thoroughly researched audience which means that the leads that flow in are quality, high-converting leads. This in turn increases your ROI.

Lower your cost per lead...

Because CYDIR’s game plan for you brings in more leads and a major chunk of these leads converts, a reduced cost per lead becomes a logical byproduct.

Acquire new customers…

The ultimate focus of our target-oriented methodology and performance-backed industry practices is to help you acquire new customers.


Thorough Research
Result-Driven Strategy
Expert Content
Advanced Tools and Tactics
Innovative Implementation
Catchy Creatives
Periodic Analysis
Timely Optimization


Given that we work to Convert Your Dreams Into Reality, we collaborate with you to establish the best strategy for your business and then work to get results. For this, we strictly follow our 6I approach for every project at hand, big or small. It’s a pretty cool approach that we insist you read if you haven’t already. With the 6I approach as our foundation, here is what we do to ensure your business is on a long-term, upward trajectory…

1. Research

2. Strategy

3. Design & Development

4. Setup

5. Deploy

6. Manage and Optimize


The Wide-Lens Approach

We understand that while generating leads is your goal at the moment, the ultimate target is to improve your business’ bottom line. Keeping that in mind, we craft every strategy, focusing not on the immediate results alone but also the long-term consequences. We look at the bigger picture by taking every aspect of your business into account and we call this the Wide-Lens Approach.

Equality Standards

As a general rule, we treat every project, big or small, with due diligence and utmost importance. When designing a Lead Gen strategy, in particular, we extend our equality practices to give quality just as much importance as quantity. After all, what good is a large chunk of leads if a majority of them are unyielding?


Absolute Transparency

We believe that as a business owner/manager you have the right to know where and how your investment is being utilised and how well it is performing. Hence, contrary to the common market practice of keeping analytics under wraps, we educate you to track the performance yourself so you can make informed decisions.

The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction is a work ethic we swear by. Under promising and over delivering is no longer a conscious effort but a mere habit for us.


Want to find out how our automated system can get you more leads? Connect with us!

Want to find out how our automated system can get you more leads? Connect with us!

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