Email Marketing

Automate lead nurturing and lead conversion with CYDIR’s done-for-you email campaigns and sequences

Email Marketing

Did you know, 3.8 billion people of varied demographics use email? Did you know, Email Marketing is 40x more effective than Facebook and Twitter put together for Customer Acquisition and 3x more impactful than social media for Conversion (according to a McKinsey report)? Did you know, Email Marketing can be used on your own terms without any third party algorithm defining your strategy? And icing on the cake… Emails are a mode of communication that can be personalised and automated at the same time.

Now imagine using such a powerful tool to get more customers! CYDIR customizes it for you so that it can be used as an automated revenue generating machinery. Our highly converting and custom-designed Email Marketing campaigns can help you…

With CYDIR's eComm Package, you can…

Convert more leads into

CYDIR designs the right message for you and then effectively communicates it to your leads compelling them to take the desired action, whatever it may be.

Increase the buying frequency and average order value...

Our designed-for-you upsell, cross-sell and other promotional email campaigns can increase the number of repeat purchases. Additionally, our psychologically-loaded email content is aimed at relationship-building that establishes your credibility and encourages subscribers to spend more per order.

Earn more than you can

Our expertly crafted emails are brand building and selling tools that can help you improve your bottom line dramatically.

Automate your sales

Our efficient and cost-effective campaigns can put driving sales and building relationships & credibility on autopilot for you.


High-performing Campaigns
Psychologically-loaded Content
Advanced Tools and Tactics
Strategic Design
Catchy Creatives
Periodic Analysis


Given that we work to Convert Your Dreams Into Reality, we collaborate with you to establish the best strategy for your business and then work to get results. For this, we strictly follow our 6I approach for every project at hand, big or small. It’s a pretty cool approach that we insist you read if you haven’t already. With the 6I approach as our foundation, here is what we do to ensure your business is on a long-term, upward trajectory…

1. Research

2. Strategize

3. Design & Develop Tools

4. Deploy Tools

5. Optimize


The Wide-Lense Approach

We view every project through a wide lens which helps us see the bigger picture. Instead of using Email as a mere mode of communication, we use it as a tool to help you nurture your audience and build authentic relationships with them. Our Email Marketing campaigns are designed not just to get that initial prospect-to-buyer conversion but to guide prospects all the way through the customer value journey making them loyal fans of your brand.

Equality Standards

We treat every project, big or small, with equal respect, importance and diligence. Be it broadcasting a single News Letter or executing an annual campaign plan, we stay true to our moral mandate of equality.

Absolute Transparency

It’s your brand, it’s your audience and it’s your investment! And you have a right to know exactly how your audience is perceiving your brand and what your ROI is. It is for this reason that we go against the market practice of keeping analytics under wrap and equip you with the knowledge to track the performance of your Email Marketing campaigns.

The Extra Mile

Delivering more than we promise is a reputation we’ve earned, and very proudly so. We make every effort to live up to that reputation and don’t shy away from going the extra mile to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

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