Set up a complete eComm Ecosystem

that helps your business grow with CYDIR’s eComm Package

EComm Ecosystem

Here’s a fun fact for you… about 2.14 billion people are expected to shop online in 2021 (according to Statista). Now, there are 2 ways of using this information… 1) You set up an eComm website to “sell stuff online”, shoot in the dark and get lost in the sea of websites or 2)  You let CYDIR design and develop a reliable eComm ecosystem for you that allows you to create a remarkable customer experience by smoothly guiding their way forward through the entire buying journey.

With CYDIR's eComm Package, you can…

Grow your business exponentially…

The CYDIR-designed ecosystem allows you to set up shop online, drives traffic, outlines the entire journey of a visitor from being a potential buyer to becoming a repeat buyer and makes this journey a delightful one. End result: increased business.

Convert visitors to buyers...

CYDIR’s innovative implementation of strategically designed tools- the website, creatives, content, etc.- and tactics gently nudge you visitors to make the purchase increasing your conversion rate and return on investment.

Get more repeat orders...

Our carefully planned and timed retargeting strategies deployed across different platforms can not only build credibility for your brand but also bring in repeat orders from existing customers.

Increase your eCommerce store sales...

The eComm ecosystem, or the revenue-booster as we like to call it, is sculpted to take your bottom line where you want it to be.


Complete and unfailing eComm ecosystem
Result-driven strategy
Expert Content
Appealing Creatives
Experienced and skilled team
Advanced Tools & Tactics
Innovative Implementation
Constant analysis and optimization


1. Research

Product research, brand profile, target audience profile, market and competition research.

2. Strategy

Dependable ecosystem, marketing and sales strategy, tools and tactics to be deployed, resource allocation.

3. Design & Development

Website UI and UX design, Ad Campaigns, Email Automation, Content (Website, Ads and Emails), Graphics and Videos (Website, Ads and Emails)

4. Deployment

Strategic implementation of tools and tactics to drive sales and grow your business.

5. Optimization

Periodic analysis and continuous optimization of all processes to ensure smooth conversions and a significant increase in the bottom line


Given that we work to Convert Your Dreams Into Reality, we collaborate with you to establish the best strategy for your business and then work to get results. For this, we strictly follow our 6I approach for every project at hand, big or small. It’s a pretty cool approach that we insist you read if you haven’t already. With the 6I approach as our foundation, here is what we do to ensure your business is on a long-term, upward trajectory…

1. Research

2. Strategy

3. Design & Development

4. Deployment

5. Optimization


Wide-Lens Approach

We do not believe in the plan-for-the-present approach. When working on a project, we view it through the widest possible lens that allows us to stay in sync with the company’s goals and core values. More importantly, it enables us to set up an eComm ecosystem that will continue to accelerate growth in the long run.

Equality Standards

The size of your business or the limit of your resources (monetary or otherwise) will have no impact on our diligent and earnest efforts. Maintaining the same standard of equality, when designing an eComm ecosystem, we ensure a smooth, reliable and fail-proof setup irrespective of whether you are selling a high-end luxury item or an everyday utilitarian product.

Absolute Transparency

 Going against the market norm of keeping several tactics and analytics a secret, we encourage our clients to be actively involved in performance analysis. In fact, we go a step ahead to train our clients to self analyse so they know exactly how the strategies and processes we implement are working out for them and what their exact Return in Investment is.

The Extra Mile

No one can be as passionate as you are about your business but we promise to work just as hard as you do to take your business to new heights. Going the extra mile to ensure you achieve your goals is a reputation we proudly live up to.

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