5 Key Strategies To Convert 50% More Prospects Into Customers.

Do you follow these key strategies to convert prospects into customer?  

You should. Every company with good sales performances has these strategies covered. These key strategies are the building blocks to convert leads into customers. Think of these as a high-level sales plan to increase your conversion ratio which help you achieve your desired sales target. These strategies will not only get you more customers but will increase your customer satisfaction as well.  

Chances are you are losing more customers than you think if you don’t have these strategies in place. Without these your sales can get pretty messy, you can have a very low conversion rate and all your hard work to generate leads is probably being wasted.  

Let’s take a dive into what these strategies are and how do these benefit your business.  

1. Manage and track your leads

Do you remember how many leads you received last month and how many of those leads converted into customers? It is not humanly possible to remember the conversation we have with every prospect. In the busy routine often, salespeople forget to respond to a query the prospect made, forget to share the proposal or worse forget that the prospect had even inquired. If this is happening with you then it is costing you much more than you think. I have seen a company just double their conversion ratio after they started managing and tracking their leads. The easiest way to do so is by recording the details in like name, number, email, query, the next step, the information to be shared and the key points of the last conversation you had with the prospect, in a spreadsheet.  

2. Follow up as much as you can

Did you know 80% of the sales require 5 follow-ups after meeting with the prospect. However, on an average a salesperson only makes 2 follow-ups. The more you follow up the better chance you have of converting the prospect into a customer. Although the more important factor is what you communicate when you follow up than the number of times you follow up. I have received endless follow up emails by the same company every Monday at 12:53 pm for 10 months with the exact same message, “Do you have any video production requirements? please schedule a call with us”. They adhere to a strict follow-up schedule, I will give them that but this is not the best follow-up strategy. You need to share different information every time you follow-up. You can share the following information to convert more from the follow-up strategy; social proof, benefits and advantages, why are you the best fit, how do you solve their problem. 

You can follow up via email, text, call or WhatsApp, whichever works best for you. 

3.  Have a positive attitude 

The biggest trait of all good salespeople is positive attitude. I am sure we have all had an unpleasant experience with a salesperson. Did you end up buying from that person? of course, not! Nobody wants to buy from a person who has been unpleasant with them. On the other hand, have you ever bought something from a salesperson just because he/she was too nice? While having only a positive attitude doesn’t guarantee you more customers, having a negative attitude does ensure that prospects prefer your competitors over you. No matter what, always keep smiling; even when you are saying no to something.  

4. Identify the problem and present the solution 

We all buy a product/service to solve a problem. The right product for a customer is the one which offers the best solution. Often salespeople are so busy pitching their product that they neglect the problem the prospect is facing. A customer will not purchase if he/she believes the product does not solve his/her problem. A single product could solve multiple problem. For example, one group of people would buy Tesla for its looks and features while another group of people would buy Tesla because it is an environment friendly car. As a salesperson the most important job you have is to identify the problem and present the right solution to the problem. 

5. Provide relevant and complete information 

One of the biggest reasons why prospects don’t buy is because they don’t trust that the product/service can solve their problem. This happens due to lack of information which can be rectified by providing relevant and complete information. Instead of thinking that providing information is time consuming, consider the time spend in providing relevant information as an investment to increase your conversion ratio. The easiest way to do this is by making multiple short videos which answer the FAQ asked by prospects, describe your product/ service in depth, provide reasons to why buy your product/service, capture testimonials etc. Now share these videos with your prospects after the initial conversation you have had with them. 

The bottom line is that following these strategies will make your sales life easier and will help you get more customers the smart way. We at CYDIR help our clients implement these strategies and optimize them to achieve their desired sales target. We develop a money-making machine for our clients and help them Convert Their Dreams Into Reality. 

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