3 myths about video creation

When it comes to creating promotional video's, these are the 3 biggest myth's

  • Making video's is expensive: Making video's can be expensive when hiring a professional to do so. But, you can make professional video's by yourself or using a friends help. All you need are simple equipments such as a microphone, tripod and a smartphone. That doesn't cost much right. Infact some of the best performing video ad's are shot using these simple equipments.
  • Making a video require's a professional: Who say's you require a professional to shoot quality and good looking video's, you can do that by yourself as well by using the right equipments as stated above, with which you can shoot a stable video with clear voice. Another thing to make a professional video is to make sure the camera angle is right and the lighting to ensure that the subject is clearly visible. You may want keep the subject in the middle of the frame and shoot the video in bright sunlight. 
  • Making a video is time consuming: See here's the thing you don't need a perfect backgroud or perfect makeup or anything like that to make a good video. Yes, maximum time is consumed in setting up for the video not shooting the video. If the content in your video is good enough you can make a perfect video that delivers.