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Lead generation

If you have more leads you have more customers that looks simple, not exactly. In this competitive market you need to know exactly who is your target market, how to reach them and most importantly why would your target market be interested in your company. But you don't need to worry because we have it all covered. By using the right strategies we can generate more leads for your business than it can handle.

Converting leads into customers

Generating leads is only the Ying of the Ying and Yang. Once you have received leads you need to convert them into customers. This is where most businesses and sales people fail. Our full stack solution covers every step of the sales process, it starts from identifying the leak in your current sales process, building a sales system and ends when your customers become active promoters of your business.

Why we do what we do

When I first started leading a business I faced a million problems like every business owner. After diving deep into the problems I found that the single solution to 99% for my problems is money, if I have more money I can improve my systems, hire better people and do everything I wish to run my dream business. But where do I get more money from because all the processes in any business take money out, well all except one. Sales is the only process in any business which brings money in. I knew I had to put all my focus on getting more customers. Once I knew the solution to my problem and got results I found out that I was not the only victim to this problem, it is the problem of almost every business owner and I wanted to change that. I know the feeling of working hard every day only to see more problems and roadblocks in business and no solution. I remember feeling stuck everyday and I know the happiness I got from increasing my revenue.

Now I am on a mission to help business owners who are stuck to get more customers and grow their business.

- Abhinav Jindal

Founder and CEO

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Convert your dreams into reality; this is exactly what Cydir has done for us. We had to organize a digital marketing campaign during Covid crisis that fed Daily wagers. Cydir was very creative with the entire planning of the campaign and it's execution. They always led from the front with new ideas that helped us convey our message better and made it convenient for our target audience. All things said I really want to thank them for standing with the humanity in the times of crisis. Thank you team Cydir. Highly recommended. You can also covert your dreams into reality.

Shikhar Chapparia

“Abhinav took the time to listen to our lead generation concerns and created a funnel to help."

Athena Constantinou

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